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About this collection

This collection presents maps and atlases from 1840 to present day depicting land parcels, historic businesses, residences, and other places of note. In addition to maps of Seattle which form the bulk of the materials, the collection also includes maps from the United States Exploring Expedition led by Charles Wilkes in the 1840s. These maps were digitized as part of on ongoing conservation project for the volumes housed in the Seattle Room.

Another notable feature in the collection is a digitized version of the 1905 Baist's Real Estate Atlas of Seattle. To navigate the 1905 Baist's Real Estate Atlas, click the numbered sections on the index map below. A high-resolution (but non-hyperlinked) version of this index map is also available.

The 1912 Baist's Real Estate Atlas of Seattle is also available online, via the Dorpat Sherrard Lomont blog. For more digitized historical Seattle maps and atlases, visit the Library's Articles and Research webpage.

Index Map